Science Teacher Academy

Building Inquiry.

What is the Science Teacher Academy?

The Science Teacher Academy (STA) is a program of the Maine Discovery Museum that is being developed to address the gap in professional development opportunities available for elementary school teachers to more effectively and confidently teach science. The STA will partner with teachers, administrators, schools of education, museums, and other informal science organizations to greatly expand the science that is taught in schools in Maine, and better prepare those teachers in science teaching. 


Who Can Participate?

In Fall 2022, the STA will begin with a small pilot cohort of teachers local to the Bangor area. Starting in 2023, we will invite elementary school teachers from across the state to participate in the STA. Our goal is to include at least two teachers from each of Maine's sixteen counties in each cohort.


How Are We Different?

Unlike many other science PD opportunities for teachers in Maine, the STA will focus on elementary education. Teachers involved in each cohort will participate in a year-long immersive professional development program to enhance their science teaching. At the end of the program, teachers will join other alumni of the program in a Community of Practice where they will continue to share ideas and strategies with a network of their peers. 


Are you currently an elementary school teacher in Maine? If so, please take this survey to help us ensure that the STA is designed to meet your needs. 

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