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STA Preview Conference

Want a preview of the type of professional development you will engage in as a member of the STA cohort? Join us for a preview conference at the Maine Discovery Museum on May 22!

Thanks to grant funding from the US Department of Education, with support from Versant Power, this conference is FREE for any elementary teacher (or pre-service teacher in an elementary education program) in Maine. The goal of the STA is to help address the gap in professional development opportunities available for elementary school teachers to more effectively and confidently teach science. Leveraging the expertise of informal science educators, we will share resources with teachers to help them feel more confident incorporating authentic science learning experiences at the elementary level.

When: Monday, May 22nd, 2023 10 am - 4 pm (check-in 9:30-10 am)

Where: Maine Discovery Museum, 74 Main St, Bangor, ME

What: Sessions will include:

  • A lunch conversation with Maine scientists on how they were inspired by teachers and how their education played a role in their STEM journey (lunch provided),  

  • A workshop on teaching about the upcoming solar eclipse in your classroom,

  • A discussion about the importance of incorporating science and culture into the curriculum for Native American students,

  • A workshop on incorporating authentic, hands-on science learning into your classroom, and

  • A conversation with teachers from across the state about creating Connected Learning Ecosystems and working with your communities to serve learners.





This free event is made possible by US Department of Education Grant #S215K220059.

Support for the Science Teacher Academy is also provided by Versant Power.

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